Friday, February 24, 2012

2 weeks

Today marks 2 weeks since I started my diet. I am officially down 10 lbs! I am super proud of myself. 10 more lbs to go until my first goal!

Some days are harder than others. When Drew is gone and I stay home all day with the boys....things are soooo much easier. I can really watch what I'm eating at home, but when we go "into town" (Tulsa), things are a little more difficult because we are eating out, but even then with all of the awesome weight loss apps that are out there I am able to see what the nutritional value is for most restaurants. The hardest part so far is eating someone else's cooking....I go over to my in-laws quite a bit for dinner, and Sundays we go to my parents house for lunch. It's not always the healthiest food to eat, but I can't NOT eat. The things that I've tried to do to help is...get VERY small portions of the unhealthy stuff and a little bit bigger portions of something that is a little healthier. I eat the healthy thing first and then veeeeeeery slowly eat everything else. Eating slow helps a great deal because you fill up faster when you eat slow.

This no salt business has also been a little difficult for me. I am the girl that salts anything and everything before I even taste it. I LOVE salt. I tried using the brand "No-Salt", but it was just disgusting. It leaves a horrible chemical-like after taste. I also tried Ms. was nasty also. My cousin suggested that I try Celtic Sea Salt, but I haven't had a chance to go into town and grab some yet, so that is my next thing I will try. For now, I'm still salting a little bit, but not near as much as I was before and I am at least tasting it first :) steps.

My lunches have consisted of Lean Cuisines, Smart Ones, & Healthy Choice frozen meals. Those are great (well, some of them), and I have been searching Pinterest for healthy recipes. I absolutely love to cook, but I always cooked with things like butter, oil, sour cream, heavy whipping cream, & etc, so I have been learning healthier substitutes for these kind of things. (ps...I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray is AMAZING). Drew was kinda nervous about my changes in cooking, but so far the recipes I've found look really good, so hopefully he will like the change.

I haven't started exercising yet, but it is in the plans. It's very hard to do when you have 2 babies. I live in a small town that has maybe 2 gyms, one is Curves (if that is even considered a gym) and the other is a small gym where I believe is only weight lifting. I even live out on a dirt road, so taking the boys out on a walk with the stroller is out of the question. I do have a WiiFit and have done a little bit on it, but my next move is to get Zumba for my Wii. That way I can work out here in my own home and not have to worry about finding a babysitter for the boys just to go workout.

All in all things are going pretty good, I'm happy with the 10 lbs I've lost and I'm definitely looking forward to getting the next 10 off and hitting my first goal.

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