Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cadyn is Here!

Sorry it has taken so long to get this posted...I started writing this a week and a half ago and haven't been able to finish until now...apparently being a mom is kind of demanding :)

I have been looking forward to writing this blog. I wanna get my whole experience written (or typed) down so I can always remember it. I don't know how explicit I'll get with this thing so if you are reading right now and you don't want to hear gory details...I suggest you click that little "x" up in the right corner of your screen...or for us mac users...the left corner. I'm a pretty honest person and don't really spare the don't say I didn't warn you.

Monday March 22, 2010
I had a dr's appt. at 11am. She wanted to check my cervix to see if I had dilated any. I had been stuck at 1cm for 3 weeks and if I hadn't made progress she wanted to go ahead and admit me to the hospital that night to get me started on some medicine to try to speed up the process for Tuesday. Honestly going into it I knew that I hadn't made any change. I had zero signs of labor coming soon. I was change what so ever. There I was 40 weeks pregnant and only 1cm dilated. How frustrating. She told us to just go home get ready and be at the hospital at 4pm to be admitted. It was kind of a weird day knowing that Cadyn would be here in less than 24 hours. We went home, ate some lunch, Drew went and bought brand spankin' new tires for our car (random I know, but we really needed them). By the time he got home it was time to go. We got to the hospital, got admitted and got our room. It was HUGE and really nice!
Once we got all situated and I got my gown on and crawled into bed the nurse (which by the way was AMAZING) came in and we started the whole process. They said that we would go ahead and get the Cervadil in, yes IN, I thought it was just going to be a no..Cervadil actually goes inside to sit near your cervix to try and soften and thin it. My cervix was no where near ready for was still pretty thick and still waaaaay far back, so far back that it felt like she had to go elbow deep inserting the Cervadil. It wasn't very pleasant. This is all they were going to do for the night, I would get my IV and everything else in the morning, but for now they wanted the Cervadil to just sit and do it's job. So that night Drew and I just kinda hung out and watched tv and ordered some Chili's To Go for dinner. Both of our families drove up from Tulsa that night, they all got there a little late, but we were able to spend a little bit of time with them before we hit the hay for the night. I, surprisingly, was able to sleep really well being so anxious....ok on to the next day.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 (Cadyn's Birthday!)
The nurses came in bright and early...about 5ish I take out the Cervadil and check and see if I had made any progress. If I rememeber correctly...I had thinned out quite a bit and had dilated to 2cm. It was time to get my IV going and get started on the Pitocin...after several attempts and busted veins they were finally able to get my IV and meds going. I believe family started arriving about 7-7:30. I was having contractions about 2-3 minutes apart, but they weren't anything too intense yet. I could feel them, but they didn't hurt. My dr. came in at about 8 or so to break my water. All the nurses kept talking about how they thought that I had a lot of fluid, this is WHY my belly got SO's not because Cadyn was huge...I just had A LOT of amniotic fluid. When she broke my water I seriously thought that I was going to flood the room! Holy cow...weirdest feeling EVER. It just kept gushing and gushing...feels like you are peeing, but have absolutely no control over it. Even after a while, everytime I moved more would come weird. They say this is when contractions start getting really intense...about 5 minutes after my water was broken, my nurse was in the room and asked how my pain was, I told her that it wasn't too bad, but I could tell that the contractions were starting to get more intense and she said "ok I'm gonna go ahead and get that Epidural ordered, might as well not wait until they get really bad" So just a little bit later the anethesesiologist came in and gave me my epidural. It did sting a little bit at first, but it definitely wasn't too bad AT ALL. This labor stuff was SO EASY! I hadn't been in pain at all really! At about 9:30 they came back in to check to see if I had made any progress. I was at 4cm!! SWEET! I was making awesome progression. The rest of the day was just kinda sitting and relaxing and hanging out with my family. At 1:30 or so my Dr. came back to see where I was....still at 4cm. So I hadn't changed at all. By this point it was starting to look pretty grim on the vaginal birth. My dr. knows my family history. No one in my family has had a vaginal's just like we can't dilate. My dr. had said that if it looks like I'm just not making progression then I'm not gonna labor forever that we would just do a c-section. She said she would be back at 3:15 to check me again and if I still hadn't changed then we would go ahead and do a csection. So at 3:15 she comes back in and sticks her hand up there....yup still a the baby's head is starting to get a cone on it cause it's trying to decend into the cervix, but isn't going anywhere. She tells me it's still going to be a little bit though because there was someone getting ready to go into the OR to have twins. At about 5ish they finally rolled me down to the OR to get me all prepped and ready. Everything was ready and it was almost time. They brought Drew in and sat him in a chair right next to my head. We asked each other "are you ready for this?" obviously, we were both more than ready to meet our little Cadyn. It seemed to take foooorever for them to get him out. As soon as he was out, I could hear his cries. They brought him over and showed us...OMG I am a mom. They took him and cleaned him off real good and Drew was able to get him and bring him over to me. I cannot explain what was going through my mind or the feeling I felt when I saw him. I immediately started boohooing.

He was gorgeous! All the worrying for 9 months whether or not he would be healthy and wondering what he would look like, was over. He's here and absolutely perfect. They quickly took him away and Drew was able to go to the nursery with him and get him weighed (he was 7 lbs & 9 ozs and 19 inches long) and get his first bath. While all of that was going on I was still on the OR table getting put back together. Just a little bit after Drew left I started feeling A LOT of pain. My anesthesiologist was standing behind me and I was barely able to get out "is it normal for me to be feeling all this pain?" As soon as I said that, he injected me with something and I was out like a light. Next thing I remember, I wake up and I'm being rolled back to my room. Once I was in there the nurse started pushing around on my stomach!! Apparently they have to do this, but I have never felt anything so excruciating! I mean I just had major abdominal surgery and here they are pushing around on my belly...ouch. I was crying...which I DO NOT do out of pain...I can't stand for people to see me in pain. At this point I was only able to have 1 person at a time in my room, so obviously Drew was the first person to see. I'm sure he hates seeing me like that, but this was just such an exciting time. Next was my dad, my dad came in and bent down and kissed me and told me I did good, how proud he was of me, and how beautiful and perfect Cadyn was, all the while with tears in his was a very special moment. I was able to see each one of my family members as well as Drew's family, which I love just as much as my own. Finally, they brought Cadyn down to the room...I could barely hold him I was in so much pain. The nurse came in and asked if I wanted some Demerol to help me get some sleep. YES PLEASE....when she gave me the medicine, I instantly was slurring my words....It made me feel like I was really drunk. I think I said "I'm drunk" about a hundred times. I finally fell asleep and when it was time for bed, Drew went ahead and sent Cadyn back to the nursery so he could get some sleep as well.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
The next day the family came back up to the hospital to spend some time with us and see Cadyn. The nurse came in and told me that they would be getting me up to shower after lunch to get me moving. The more you move, the faster you get better. So after the family had left, it was time to get up....ugh. They had to of course take out the IV and remove the catheter, taking out the catheter meant, that when I had to go to the bathroom, I HAD to get up, which meant that I was going to be in pain. Getting out of bed was definitely a major task....I could barely move. I felt like an old woman. I finally was able (with the help of 2 nurses) to get into the shower....and it was not a very warm shower at that because they didn't want it too steamy in there because they didn't want me passing out. Well, it didn't really matter if it was hot or cold...I almost went down anyway. I looked at my nurse and told her that I was feeling light headed so she told me to sit down. As soon as I sat, my hearing went out, my face turned white and my lips turned blue. The nurses were fanning me like crazy. My hearing started to come back and I guess I turned a normal color, so everything was fine. Thank God I didn't actually pass out cause if I would have went down I don't think I would have been able to get up. The rest of the day I spent trying to move around as much as I could, even though it hurt. I was able to sit in the rocking chair and REALLY hold Cadyn for the first time. It was like heaven having that little boy on my chest snuggling up to me. You truly never understand how much your parents love you until you have one of your own. This moment was one of the best moments in my life.

Thursday, March 25, 2010
Early in the morning my doctor came in and checked everything and told me that she was going to leave it up to me on if I wanted to go home that day or wait until the next. Of course, I wanted to go home. I just knew I would feel better in my own home. When it was time to go, Drew got Cadyn all dressed and put in his carseat....he looked so cute!
Getting in our car was kind of hard. I could barely lift my legs and since we drive an SUV it was definitely difficult to get in. After a very painful, bumpy car ride, we finally made it home.

After 2 weeks, I am still recovering from my csection, but am leaps & bounds better than I was at the beginning. Cadyn is such a good baby. He sleeps almost all the way through the night and only really cries if he is dirty or if he's hungry. He is very alert and will just stare deep into your eyes....makes my heart melt. He is starting to look more and more like his daddy, with my nose and my little ears. Watching Drew with him makes me love Drew even more. He loves this baby more than words can say. He has helped SO much with him and I know that there is NO WAY that I could have done this without him (hats off to all the single mothers out there). My life has done a complete 180 in the past 2 years and I couldn't be happier. I love being a mommy!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

48 Hours

Well, in 48 hours (give or take a few) Cadyn will be making his debut into the world. It's starting to become a little surreal. He has been living inside my tummy for 9 months now and I am more than ready to have him in my arms. It has been a long 9 months...most people say "it'll go by so fast"...they are a bunch of liars. These last couple of months have been the longest 2 months of my life and I am so glad they will be over soon! I'm ready to feel NORMAL again! This kid is super heavy!

As soon as I hit 37 weeks I was doing everything short of drinking castor oil to get this child out of me. There are many old wives' tales about things to jump start labor....if there are any preggos reading this right now...take head...THEY DON'T WORK! Nothing works unless your body is ready! So don't waste your time. I tried "walking him out" so much...all it did was put me into false labor and cause me to have painful contractions that did nothing to help dilate me.

So here I sit, I'm 40 weeks pregnant today and I have no signs of laboring anytime soon on my own. I am so thankful my Dr. has decided to induce me, I'm not sure how much more I can handle while keeping my sanity. I am glad there has been a set schedule though that way family, who live 4 hours away, were able to make plans to come here and be with me.

(Here is where I will be giving birth to beautiful baby Cadyn)

I have a dr's appointment tomorrow morning so she can check my cervix to see if I've made any progress over the past week...if I haven't made much progress then I will be put in the hospital tomorrow night to start me on some meds. She said I won't technically be "in labor" Monday...just trying to get the process going so it will make for a shorter day on Tuesday. They are gonna start the pitocin and break my water at approx. 4am on Tuesday morning and then off I go! I can't wait until I get to hold him...and fix his hair (he's bound to have a lot), and dress him, and smootch on get the picture....I'm really excited!

I will for sure have an update later this week with pictures galore!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


As of tomorrow, I am 38 weeks pregnant. This last month has really dragged. I really thought that Cadyn was going to make his debut around this time, but it seems as if he is being stubborn. I shouldn't really be surprised being he has been stubborn throughout this whole pregnancy...he made me wait FOREVER to find out that he was a boy!

It makes things even harder when I am just so uncomfortable, my skin is absolutely stretched to the max....once I'm finished having all my kids, I'm going to need some major reconstructive surgery haha! I just feel like a whale...I have put on 36 lbs....I was doing SO GOOD and these last 2 months I have really ballooned! I have the classic pregnant woman swollen face going on, looks like I'm storing nuts for the Winter. The worst part is going in public, I have gotten to the point where I don't want to go anywhere because I am so sick of people talking to me about it. I know that sounds rude, but I really can't help it. I can't go ANYWHERE without people asking me if I'm having twins.....NEVER EVER EVER ask a pregnant woman that!!! It's just rude! You may not think it sounds all that bad, but you are basically are just telling me that I look twice as big as I should....I get it, I am huge. You would think that someone who has had a kid would know this, but I have had mom's ask if it was twins and when I say no, they say "it must be a boy son did that to me too, I was huge" Just because you've been through it, doesn't give you the right to call me huge. UGH! I'm also paranoid when we go to restaurants, I'm so afraid they are going to take us to a booth that I'm not going to fit embarassing would that be!?

Anyway, I had a dr's appt. today. I haven't really make any progress, but we scheduled a day for induction! YAAAAY! Cadyn will be here no later than March 23rd! Even though I really would love for him to come makes me feel 100 times better knowing that he will at least be here in 12 days! I am going to stop wishing and hoping that he will be here sooner (I have been driving myself crazy doing that). I can officially just start counting down now. This also makes things a little easier for the family. We live 4 hours away from everyone so now they know exactly when he'll be here and can schedule around it. Obviously there is still a chance he could be here before the 23rd, but I really doubt it. I was getting a little worried that I would go past my due date (the 26th) and not be able to go to Tulsa for will be our first trip with him...yes he won't be very old, but we for sure want to be with the family and go to church on Easter we already bought a super cute outfit for him :)

Anyway, that's my update...countdown 12 days!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This has got to be the slowest time has EVER ticked by. I will officially be 36 weeks in 2 days. Last Thursday I had a doctor's appointment. I was really excited to go because we got to have our very last ultrasound. On the way to the appointment, I actually teared up thinking that it would be the last time we would see him on a screen and the next time we see him it will be in real life! The ultrasound went great, his heartbeat was in the 150s which is good and according to the u.s. he was weighing in at 5.9lbs! At this point he will continue to grow about half a lb a week, so depending on how long he wants to stay in there, he will most likely be over 6.5 lbs, but no bigger than 8....perfect size baby. He has gotten so big that we could barely get pictures of anything on the u.s....however, we got a great shot of his boy parts :) His daddy was so proud.

After the u.s. my dr. asked how everything was going and I was just 100% honest...."I'm ready for it to be over!" I have been so uncomfortable, I'm hardly getting any sleep because of hip and back pain and I'm having A LOT of contractions and they don't make me feel so hot...or I guess I should say they don't make me feel very good, because they do make me feel hot...they give me hot flashes! My dr. decided to go ahead and put me in another room and hook me up to some monitors to check the baby's heartbeat along with monitoring how many contractions I was having. While I was hooked up, Cadyn's heartbeat sounded amazing, but they could clearly see that I was basically having one contraction right after the other. The nurses kept laughing because we were just watching my belly move around the whole time...they couldn't believe how active the little guy is. He is so active that he eventually wiggled the heart monitor off of him :) I think I might have my hands full here in a couple of weeks. After monitoring me for about an hour they decided to go ahead and give me a shot of Terbutiline, to stop the contractions. Dr. said that if he were to come right then, he would be fine, but we would rather let him incubate for 2 more weeks at least. She went ahead and gave me a pill prescription of the same drug for when I start contracting at home. This drug is absolutely terrible, it makes you feel very shakey and like your heart is going to pound out of your chest, not very fun.

Over the weekend we made a trip to Tulsa. The contractions continued and the medicine didn't really seem to help, so I was pretty miserable the whole trip. We wanted to make one last trip before Cadyn makes his arrival, because from here on out I need to stick around Conway. I can't risk being 4 hours away from my dr. and go into labor. Kinda sad because I REALLY wanted to go to the Just Between Friends Sale that will be in Tulsa this weekend. I decided it wouldn't really be worth it though because Cadyn really has everything he needs, so it would just be more for fun anyway. This weekend we were able to pick up pieces of the crib....not the whole thing yet. Drew's parents are currently painting it and due to the weather here lately it has been hard for them to get it painted. We wanted to go ahead and get some of it home though and they are bringing the rest of it to us this weekend! I am really excited about this looks great and is MASSIVE. It sits on top of drawers and even has more drawers that sit up next to it.....Kind of hard to explain, but it has lots of pieces to it, I'll post pictures of it once I get it all together.

Since I got home, I have felt much better. I'm still contracting, but not too much. I have been a nesting MAD WOMAN. I have scrubbed every nook and cranny. I don't think I really believed that the whole "nesting" thing was real, but after these last few's DEFINITELY real! I don't think our house has been this clean since we moved looks fabulous and is ready for a new baby to come home to.

I also got my bag packed for the hospital this week. You never know when I could go into labor and I wanna be ready! I can't believe I will be full term in just a week...he could be here any day! Can't wait!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things NOT to Say to a Pregnant Woman

Let me first put out this disclaimer....I DO NOT get offended easily...most of these things don't actually offend me, I just think it's funny.

Here recently I have noticed that some people have no etiquette when it comes to talking to a pregnant woman. Do I need to remind you that hormones run RAMPID when you are pregnant and sometimes the slightest thing you say can really cause an emotional breakdown. So here are just a few things that I have heard...

"OH MY GOD, you poor thing, how much longer do you have?"
me- "um I actually still have 2 months"

"You must be ready to pop anyday"
nope...thanks jerk

"Are there 2 in there?"
nope just one

I was walking into a gas station that has a Baskin Robbins inside, the lady behind the counter says to her co-worker "she's definitely here for some ice cream" then says to me..."you have that 'I want ice cream look in your eye.' Even though she was right, I wanted to say "yes bitch..I want ice cream, but why don't you just say the truth and say...'your big ol' fat round belly tells me you want ice cream"

"I bet that thing is gonna be a 10 lber"
at this time the baby was only about 2 lbs....I was only 7'3 and drew was in the 6 the likelihood of it being 10 lbs is not very good.

I know people don't mean anything by it and that is why I don't get offended by it, it just really makes me laugh that people actually say these kinds of things....I KNOW I'M HUGE...I don't need all of God's creation telling me over and over and over again.

Things you also hear a lot when you are pregnant:

"Get sleep while you can, because you won't be able to soon" (really???? you try sleeping with a belly that is bigger than a basketball)

"You really should try breastfeeding" (no thank you...It's just a personal preference, don't judge me or make me seem like a bad mom just because I would rather bottle feed.)

"You really shouldn't eat that/take that/drink that/do that" (my doctor said it was fine...leave me alone)

"You don't think it was too soon for you to get pregnant?" (I have an AMAZING, sturdy relationship with my husband and can say that Drew and I made Cadyn on the most romantic week of our lives...our honeymoon...I think he came in God's timing...not mine)

"There is no way you felt him move at 13 weeks, that's way too early" (last time I checked it's my body, I think I of all people would know what I felt)

"Your life is about to completely change" (you're joking right? I thought that it would stay the same! CRAP! What did we do?)

"Just wait until ____ happens" (it might not, being that everyone is different)

I have noticed that anyone who has had a child ALWAYS wants to give advice...sometimes you have to remember that EVERY woman is different. If I didn't ask for advice....most likely I don't want it. Don't get me wrong....for all of you who are friends with me on facebook know that I LOVE talking about being pregnant and sharing my experience. Hearing the same things over and over again just gets a little redundant. I guess once you have a child you become an expert and have gone through the right of passage to give advice....I hope I don't get that way haha.

End rant. :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2009-2010 Survey :)

I know survey's are kinda lame, but I am bored....give me a break!

((( End of 2009/Start of 2010 )))
Calendar Year Review…
JANUARY: How did you ring in 2009? Details! Where, who, kiss, etc???: 2009...I was in Bartlesville, Ok at my friend Kyla & Ryan's house. It was a work week for Drew so sadly I didn't get to kiss him at midnight :(

FEBRUARY: Were you in a relationship for Valentine's Day and what'd you was also a work week for Drew, but we celebrated later...I got a beautiful necklace from Tiffany's that has "I Y U" dangling from it.

MARCH: Did you celebrate St. Patty's Day by getting drunk?:

no...Molly & I went to Dallas and went down to some street that had lots of things going on...I was super sick so we didn't stay for long.

APRIL: Did you have to walk in the rain (or any month in 09)?:

MAY: Did you fail any classes?:

being that I was the teacher, I was the one giving out the "Fs", but since I'm nice...I didn't fail anyone

JUNE: Did you buy a new swimsuit?:

yes...yes I did...I got married this month and so I needed a new suit for our honeymoon!

JULY: Did you party on 4th of July?:

we had just gotten back from our honeymoon the day before, so we were really tired, but we went out to the Aunt & Uncles and celebrated.

AUGUST: Did you go to the beach?:

in August I said...we did that in June/July

SEPTEMBER: Did you start school again?:

no...I graduated in May of 2008...I'm done with school.

OCTOBER: What did you dress as for Halloween?:

my big ol preggo belly was Humpty Dumpty.

NOVEMBER: What did you do for Thanksgiving?:

early in the day we went to Aunt & Uncles...and that night we went out to the lake to my grandma's house.

DECEMBER: What do you want/what did you get for Christmas?:

I got a lot of great things...but really my favorite part of Christmas was being snowed in and spending time with family.

Personal Reflection
Did you reach your goals for 2009?:sure!

Beside your set goals, what else did you accomplish?:2009 was an amazing year...I got married & found out that we are having a sweet baby boy!

What is something you learned about yourself?:I'm a big fan of NOT working haha! I'm totally cool with just being a house wife.

Did you do anything you'd never thought you'd never do?:I never thought I would get pregnant on the honeymoon haha

In 2009, Did You…
Change your appearance?:yes...I started getting a baby belly
Move to a new place?:yep...we moved from Tulsa, Ok to Damascus, Ar in July
Go to a concert?:a few...not as many as in the past...2009 was a busy year
Go to a sporting event?:OSU football games
Get a new job?:yes...I went from teaching 2nd grade at the beginning of the year to being a house wife :)
Get a new addition to your family?:my niece Annie Laine arrived in May! and baby Cadyn was created in June.
Gain new friends?:yes I did
Lose old friends?:lose them no...I am just far away from them
Get into a fight (verbal or physical)?:im not a fighter
Puke from drinking too much?:no...haven't done that in quite a while
Travel?:we went to Florida on the honeymoon
Go to a wedding?:yes...a couple...including my own!
Go to a funeral?:I don't think so
Go to the hospital?:just when Ashley was there to have Annie..but me personally no
Have any run-ins with the law?:nope! I am a good girl
Start a relationship?:nope...been in a relationship since March of 2008
End a relationship?:no
Spend over $1000 on something?:yes...bought a new car
Favorite 2009…
Holiday?:My birthday
Party?:my Safari bday party was pretty fun!
Event?:my wedding (again)
Moment you laughed so hard that you cried?:I do that quite often
Movie?: The Hangover
Song?:Better Hands Now- Natalie Grant

Worst 2009...
Memory?:I honestly don't know
Day at work or school?:I had an evaluation one day and one of my little hellians was absolutely going nuts, he ran out of the classroom during my evaluation! On top of it all I was sick with a sinus infection... It was a rough day.
Embarrassing moment?:it takes a lot to embarrass me
Fight/Disagreement/Argument?:i dunno
Pain you felt?:i dunno
Person you met?:geez that's not very nice!
Movie?:I have no idea
Song?:There were some dumb ones that came out.

For NYE 09-10…
Where were you?:I was asleep in my bed...lame I know haha
Who was there?:Drew was next to me
Did you kiss someone at midnight?:not right at midnight...I woke up at 12:30 and woke him up and gave him a smootch
What did you wear?:probably wasn't wearing anything?? sorry TMI

In 2010...
What are your goals?:be a good mommy :)
What do you look forward to?:my baby being here in March!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

The 4D Experience

I really suck at keeping this thing updated :)

I went in for my 4D Ultrasound on December 23rd. The whole family was able to come which was really cool. Mom, dad, my two sisters, Drew's parents and his little sister, and my 2 best friends in the whole world, Mallory (who was in from California) and Molly. I knew my kid was stubborn being that I was 21 weeks until we finally knew he was a boy, but HOLY COW! He buried his face in my placenta and so we could NOT get a face shot of him. We got a few profile shots but that's about it and even those weren't very good because the way they were taken made him look like he had a HUGE nose! Not gonna lie, it kinda scared me a little bit. Here are a few shots from the session.

Thankfully they let us reschedule for another day. 4D ultrasounds are NOT cheap so it's great that they let you do that. So skip ahead 2 weeks and we go in on Jan. 11th for the second 4D experience! All of the family gathers again to see if little Cadyn David will finally cooperate. We get in there get me all prepped and ready to go...we start the ultrasound and Cadyn is sideways again!! Little turd!! We keep pushing on my belly and I roll over trying to get him to turn and FINALLY, after 13 minutes, he turns! As soon as his little face popped up on the screen I was so overwhelmed with joy. There he was! His little cheeks have even filled out from the last time we were there. I may just be a proud momma, but he is so darn cute. Seeing him made me want him to hurry and get here! I wanna hold him so bad! Here are some of the pictures from the 2nd 4D.

his little tootsies

Today I am officially 30 weeks pregnant. He still has 7 more weeks to cook until I am considered full term. Crazy how time flies...seems like just yesterday I was peeing on a stick. I'm glad it's gone by so quickly though...hopefully these next 7-10 weeks go by just as fast (or faster would be great). I'm really excited about next week. I have another Dr's appt. on Thursday, I am officially going every 2 weeks now. We got all preregistered at the last appt. so that was an exciting step. Next week is also Drew's 25th birthday and Saturday is my baby shower!! I am excited to see what all Cadyn gets so we can get it all prepared for him! Then, Saturday night we are going out for Drew's birthday....I haven't seen my Stillwater friends since November so I am really looking forward to hanging out with all of them. Well, that's enough writing for now...hopefully it won't take me a whole month to update next time :)