Sunday, March 21, 2010

48 Hours

Well, in 48 hours (give or take a few) Cadyn will be making his debut into the world. It's starting to become a little surreal. He has been living inside my tummy for 9 months now and I am more than ready to have him in my arms. It has been a long 9 months...most people say "it'll go by so fast"...they are a bunch of liars. These last couple of months have been the longest 2 months of my life and I am so glad they will be over soon! I'm ready to feel NORMAL again! This kid is super heavy!

As soon as I hit 37 weeks I was doing everything short of drinking castor oil to get this child out of me. There are many old wives' tales about things to jump start labor....if there are any preggos reading this right now...take head...THEY DON'T WORK! Nothing works unless your body is ready! So don't waste your time. I tried "walking him out" so much...all it did was put me into false labor and cause me to have painful contractions that did nothing to help dilate me.

So here I sit, I'm 40 weeks pregnant today and I have no signs of laboring anytime soon on my own. I am so thankful my Dr. has decided to induce me, I'm not sure how much more I can handle while keeping my sanity. I am glad there has been a set schedule though that way family, who live 4 hours away, were able to make plans to come here and be with me.

(Here is where I will be giving birth to beautiful baby Cadyn)

I have a dr's appointment tomorrow morning so she can check my cervix to see if I've made any progress over the past week...if I haven't made much progress then I will be put in the hospital tomorrow night to start me on some meds. She said I won't technically be "in labor" Monday...just trying to get the process going so it will make for a shorter day on Tuesday. They are gonna start the pitocin and break my water at approx. 4am on Tuesday morning and then off I go! I can't wait until I get to hold him...and fix his hair (he's bound to have a lot), and dress him, and smootch on get the picture....I'm really excited!

I will for sure have an update later this week with pictures galore!

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  1. Congrats girl! I can't wait to see the pictures!