Friday, March 16, 2012


SOOOOOOOOOO happy right now! I have finally hit my first goal! I started my diet 5 weeks ago today and I am down 20 lbs! I was actually really scared that I wasn't going to lose my 2lbs this week (my goal for every week). I didn't do the best that I possibly could this last week. I didn't do BAD per say...just not good. My appetite has been little larger and we did a lot of eating out at restaurants. I'm still making healthier choices though and still eating a lot less than I was. I wouldn't say that I fell off the wagon...I still tried to stay under 800 calories, but I didn't necessarily keep a count on them. Obviously I did just fine though, being that I'm still 3 lbs down from last week.

Last week I went shopping for something to wear to a wedding. It was still just as frustrating as it always was, that was a kick in the butt. I just wanted to cry. Here I am busting my rear end trying to lose all this weight, trying on clothes should be getting easier, right? I felt pretty defeated and frustrated....but instead of eating away my sorrow (which is what I would have done 2 months ago), it just motivated me more to keep going. I will say though...I HATE the clothes that are in style right now. I understand that I am not a "junior" anymore, but good grief...what is up with all of the NEON?! My eyes hurt after walking into Rue 21 (first mistake). Last time I was able to even shop in a Rue 21 like store...I guess I was still a "junior," but their clothes are AWFUL! (sorry if you shop's just not for me)

The other day while I was at home and decided to bust out some old clothes just to see if they fit. These are clothes that are back from my college days, mainly just I do not still own any size 2 clothes back from my high school days like some of my friends think I do lol. I'm a pack rat, but I have gotten rid of my high school clothes (except for a couple of t-shirts, that I eventually want to make a t-shirt quilt out of). Much to my surprise...they fit! At least the shirts do...the pants on the other hand...I still have a little bit to go, being that most of my weight is in my abdomen area (the joys of motherhood). I have gone down 2 shirt sizes....and sadly...I'm pretty sure I've gone down in bra size too (sorry if you're a male & reading this)....but really!? Why can't I lose the preggo pooch before the boobs? I don't mind if I lose some of the boobs, but can't they be the last things to go?

I still have a lot of weight to get ultimate goal is to lose another 65 lbs...I will be a STICK if I lose that though...& really...I don't care to be skinny, just healthy and happy (and be able to walk into any store I want to and find clothes that fit). So, I will be happy with another 40...but I'm not gonna stop from there. My next big goal is another 20...after that I will reward myself again :) Right now, I've got to think of what I am going to reward myself with this time! I'm thinking a massage may be in the works for this next week. I deserve it!

Friday, March 9, 2012

One Month

Today marks one month that I have changed my lifestyle. It's not a diet....diets are just fads. This is a complete lifestyle change. I use to eat whatever and whenever I wanted. I am now making MUCH healthier choices and also...literally...eating about 3/4 less than what I use to. It's amazing how quickly I fill up now, and you know what? I quit eating when I'm full! What a concept!

::drumroll please::

I am officially down 17 lbs! Ladies & gentleman...that's 4 weeks of work....and not even exercising. Just changing my eating habits. Why didn't I do this sooner?! Actually, I know why....I have, for a very long time, wanted to lose weight SO badly, but I just couldn't do it, I couldn't get into it and just couldn't find the motivation to do it. This time is different. It JUST CLICKED, I know that's not a very good reason, but that's the truth, it has to click. I have no wants or desires to even eat unhealthy's NOT worth it. Sure, when my husband brought in a cinnaboli (YUM) from Mazzio's I wanted it....but then again...I really didn't. A little sugar & cinammon was not worth the guilt that I would have endured later for a very short, temporary fix.

I am now 3 lbs under prepregnancy weight with Cadyn...and 3 lbs away from my first BIG goal! You better believe when I get these next 3 lbs off, I will be celebrating...not with food though, like I use to celebrate everything (I like the saying "You're not a dog, don't reward yourself with food"). I will most likely go get a massage, or mani/pedi....or something very girly :)

I still have a long way to go though....about 70 more lbs until my ultimate goal (yes, I really am THAT big), but I am SUPER proud of myself for the progress I've made this far.