Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Love

Wow! I'm back in the blogging world. I use to blog all the time when I spent the majority of my day on Myspace, or back in the day when I was trying to convince people that my life was nothing short of fantastic. Now that I look back on my old blogs, they were actually quite lame and I'm embarrassed to read them because of how immature I was. Hopefully, I stick with this and it's not embarrassing to read 5 years from now.

Where do I begin? Let's begin with my best friend.

When I try to explain how I know Drew, that's when it gets pretty confusing, because people might think that we are cousins! He is my cousin's that's not a second cousin, no he's not my uncle, he is on the opposite mother's brother, is married to his mother's it?? I remember being about 6 years old and going over to my cousin's grandmother's house and Drew being there. We played hide and seek and played all day on a slide that looked like a blue elephant. Chad, who is my cousin (and Drew's) came up to me and said "Drew thinks your cute." This is when the infatuation began for him haha. When we were 14, we were over at the aunt and uncle's house for the 4th of July and Drew and I were being goofy playing with sparklers that were in the shape of guns. We were rolling around like idiots pretending to shoot each other James Bond style. Drew's grandmother, Daisy, looked at my mom and made the statement "wouldn't it be neat if Molly and Drew grew up and got married." Daisy is no longer with us, but she obviously knew something that we didn't at the time. She would be so excited! After that year, Drew and I each went our separate ways and dated other people. In 2005, I joined Facebook and thought I would look up anyone that I had ever known. I looked up Drew and found him. We started talking via Facebook and decided to go out on a date. So in September of 2005 we went out to dinner and went and saw "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" things seemed to go really well and we hung out all night after that. I was living in Stillwater at the time and Drew was living in Oklahoma City. He came and hung out a few times, but things kinda fizzled out after a while. Then, in Feb. of 2008 I was at a birthday party and I got a random text that said "Hey Molly, it's been a while, just seeing how you were doing" I thought...what in the world is Drew Gillispie doing texting me!? We talked via text message for a little bit and decided the next time I was in Tulsa that we would hang out. He was living in Henryetta at this point. So 2 weeks later it was Spring Break and I decided to go home to mom and dad's in Broken Arrow. Drew and I went out to dinner and a movie. I truly thought that we were just "hanging out" it was not necessarily a date. We ended up hanging out all night and things just went so incredibly well that we hung out the rest of that week. We were inseparable from there and 6 months later Drew popped the big question. June 27, 2009 I married the one person that God made for me. The wedding was perfect, the honeymoon was perfect, so perfect that we created the little person who is growing inside of me as we speak. Cadyn David Gillispie will be here March 26, 2009. Things happened so quickly, but I wouldn't change it for a second. God does everything in His good timing and I couldn't be more excited about all the things He is doing in my life.