Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things NOT to Say to a Pregnant Woman

Let me first put out this disclaimer....I DO NOT get offended easily...most of these things don't actually offend me, I just think it's funny.

Here recently I have noticed that some people have no etiquette when it comes to talking to a pregnant woman. Do I need to remind you that hormones run RAMPID when you are pregnant and sometimes the slightest thing you say can really cause an emotional breakdown. So here are just a few things that I have heard...

"OH MY GOD, you poor thing, how much longer do you have?"
me- "um I actually still have 2 months"

"You must be ready to pop anyday"
nope...thanks jerk

"Are there 2 in there?"
nope just one

I was walking into a gas station that has a Baskin Robbins inside, the lady behind the counter says to her co-worker "she's definitely here for some ice cream" then says to me..."you have that 'I want ice cream look in your eye.' Even though she was right, I wanted to say "yes bitch..I want ice cream, but why don't you just say the truth and say...'your big ol' fat round belly tells me you want ice cream"

"I bet that thing is gonna be a 10 lber"
at this time the baby was only about 2 lbs....I was only 7'3 and drew was in the 6 the likelihood of it being 10 lbs is not very good.

I know people don't mean anything by it and that is why I don't get offended by it, it just really makes me laugh that people actually say these kinds of things....I KNOW I'M HUGE...I don't need all of God's creation telling me over and over and over again.

Things you also hear a lot when you are pregnant:

"Get sleep while you can, because you won't be able to soon" (really???? you try sleeping with a belly that is bigger than a basketball)

"You really should try breastfeeding" (no thank you...It's just a personal preference, don't judge me or make me seem like a bad mom just because I would rather bottle feed.)

"You really shouldn't eat that/take that/drink that/do that" (my doctor said it was fine...leave me alone)

"You don't think it was too soon for you to get pregnant?" (I have an AMAZING, sturdy relationship with my husband and can say that Drew and I made Cadyn on the most romantic week of our lives...our honeymoon...I think he came in God's timing...not mine)

"There is no way you felt him move at 13 weeks, that's way too early" (last time I checked it's my body, I think I of all people would know what I felt)

"Your life is about to completely change" (you're joking right? I thought that it would stay the same! CRAP! What did we do?)

"Just wait until ____ happens" (it might not, being that everyone is different)

I have noticed that anyone who has had a child ALWAYS wants to give advice...sometimes you have to remember that EVERY woman is different. If I didn't ask for advice....most likely I don't want it. Don't get me wrong....for all of you who are friends with me on facebook know that I LOVE talking about being pregnant and sharing my experience. Hearing the same things over and over again just gets a little redundant. I guess once you have a child you become an expert and have gone through the right of passage to give advice....I hope I don't get that way haha.

End rant. :)

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  1. molly you are hilarious! what an eye opener! wow-i sincerely hope i've never been a total dipshit and said any of these things to ANYONE, but thanks for the lesson! i can't believe people actually open their mouths and that ^just falls out!!! lol