Friday, October 7, 2011

Welcome, Grayson Timothy Gillispie!

Well this past weekend has been a crazy one for SURE. Grayson decided it was his time to come on out. I definitely was not expecting him this early, I mean, his room isn't even finished. I guess I will go ahead and tell you how my weekend went and about his birth. I will go ahead and put out a disclaimer because, I type like I talk and I spare no details. So, if you don't like gory details....go ahead and click the X at the top cause this blog is not for you.

We'll just start on Saturday (10-01-11) cause that's when the fun stuff happens.

I had stayed in Stillwater on Friday night with the Johnson crew. Hailey (Drew's little sister) had the state cheerleading competition in Stillwater on Saturday, so I thought I would go down a night early and hang out with Dusti just so I didn't have to wake up on Saturday and drive there. Plus, I figured that would be the last time I could do that before Grayson arrives...cause once he gets here, it is going to be rather difficult to just pack up and go stay the night with people. With Cadyn it works out great because him and Jayci play so good together.

So, on Saturday we went to the cheerleading competition. I was feeling very pregnant this day because of having to do so much walking...walking from the car to Gallagher- Iba and walking up and down the steps in the arena was a chore. While we were there I was talking to my aunts about how "I forget that Grayson could really come at any time, but I really don't expect him to come any earlier than the 24th (when we had the csection scheduled), plus, I'm not ready yet so he CAN'T come any earlier." After the competition, Cadyn and I headed back to Tulsa. We had Trey and Amanda's wedding shower that night and I still needed to go get them a gift. Cadyn and I spent all day shopping and running errands. I was feeling pretty good, not really any different than normal.

The shower started at 7 and we arrived at the house a few minutes early so I decided to just wait in the car until a few more people showed up. While I am sitting there, I felt a small pop and a small gush down below. At first I thought, I think I just lost my plug. I tried to determine what it was, but I couldn't really tell. About that time, Dusti and CJ pulled up (THANK YOU, BABY JESUS). As I got out of my car, fluid started pouring. I yelled at Dusti "WE HAVE A BIG PROBLEM! Either I just peed myself, or my water just broke." I really wasn't sure. Dusti was in shock. She tried to help calm me down cause by this time I was just slightly freaking out. We decided to just go inside, try to pretend like nothing had happened and change clothes (good thing I had stayed the night with her the night before, so I had extra clothes in the car). She told me that I would know in like 15 minutes whether or not it was my water, because of painful contractions. I went inside, changed my clothes and when I did, I noticed a little bit of blood in my underwear (gross I know), but this was a little more of an indication that it most likely was my water. I went out and told Dusti, and she said "let's call your dr and see what he wants to do". So I called and luckily, my dr, Dr. Nilson, was the one on call that night. I had to wait a little bit for him to call me back. While, I'm waiting I went out and was talking to people, trying to act as normal as possible, but while I'm talking, more fluid is coming out and I'm soaking my other pair of pants. All the while, I am trying to get in touch with Drew who is in Arkansas working. I tried to call him and when I hung up, I had a voicemail from Dr. Nilson! I guess while I was calling Drew, Dr. Nilson was calling me, so my phone didn't even ring. He sounded very irritated in his message. "This is the 6th time this weekend that this has happened. I'll call you back". My bad. I immediately called the hospital and luckily he called me back immediately and I explained to him what happened. He told me that indeed, it does sound like my water and that I needed to go in and at least be checked out. How could this be!? My husband is out of town and I can't get in touch with him, this CAN'T be happening now!

We went in and told Trey and Amanda that we would be leaving because my water just broke and that we would keep them updated. Dusti and CJ were so great, don't know what I would have done without them there. Dusti drove me & Cadyn, while CJ drove their car. She dropped me off at the emergency room and I went in and they directed me toward labor and delivery (she asked if I wanted a wheelchair, but I was too distraught and just wanted to walk). I went up to get admitted and while they were adding my info into the computer, Drew finally called. It was 8pm by this point and he said he would get there as quickly as he could...mind you he is 4 hours away, on the job. I told him I would try to get them to wait. Since I was having a repeat c-section, I don't really see why we couldn't wait until after midnight to do this.

Within just a few minutes, I was in a room. They just looked at my pants and said "ummm you don't need to be checked if that's your water....that's definitely your water." I sent a mass text to let people know it was time and to get to the hospital. I explained to my nurse that Drew was working out of state and if we could wait until he got there, that would be great. She left the room for a while and came back and said "9:30, Dr. Nilson doesn't want to wait any longer" was 9, by this time...that meant I had 30 minutes! I started bawling! I NEEDED my husband there! I sent Drew a text to let him know that he wasn't going to make it. He immediately called me and calmed me down. He was upset, but we are firm believers in "everything happens in God's perfect timing" so somehow I came to terms with the fact that he was going to miss it. The nurse came back in and told me that Dr. Nilson didn't realize that Drew wasn't there and was actually willing to wait, but they had already ordered the anesthesia so it had to happen then.

They told me to choose someone to go back to the Operating Room with me, at the time Dusti and Cj were the only ones that were at the hospital, but I knew Dusti would be amazing back there. I told the nurse that if my mom got there soon, then her, but if not, then Dusti would be my "baby daddy" for the night. She went and got Dusti and got Dusti her scrubs and soon it was time to go back and meet Grayson. They had warned me that they would be taking him to the NICU after birth because he was born before 36 weeks. It's a hospital policy. I was literally 35 weeks and 6 was almost 10pm by this point and so I was only 2 hours away from being 36 weeks lol.

Once we got to the OR, I got my spinal block (ouch) and got me prepped for surgery. They brought Dusti in and we were ready to go. This experience was just so different than when I had Cadyn. This was just so pleasant and fun (would have been more fun had my husband been there), Dr. Nilson is hilarious and had me laughing the whole time. The anesthesiologist was also great, he explained every little detail of what they were doing as they were getting Grayson out. In no time, I heard that little cry. What an awesome sound! They didn't show him to me right away, but I did get a glimpse of how tiny he was. They quickly whisked him off to check and make sure that everything was ok with him. They went ahead and took Dusti so she could be in there while they were getting him cleaned up. Not too much later they brought him in to show me. He looked SO PERFECT...just tiny! They said that every thing looked great so far with him, but the reason he came today was that his umbilical cord was in a knot!
If he would have stayed in there any longer there could have been MAJOR issues.

About that time Dr. Nilson says "Alright, we are going in for baby #2" lol....WHAT!? He's such a goof. He got me all stitched up and they rolled me back to my room, where a small army had taken over. I had so many friends and family there! I am so loved :)

Grayson Timothy Gillispie was born on 10-01-11, at 10:11pm, 5 lbs 11 ozs, 18 inches long at 35 weeks and 6 days gestation. Drew finally arrived to the hospital at about 12:15 am. He was able to go down to the NICU and visit him. He said he was doing great and they just wanted to keep him over night to monitor him. It was 10:30am the next morning before I was able to hold Grayson, but what an amazing experience. He was just so tiny and perfect....spitting image of his big brother :)

This csection recovery has been SO MUCH BETTER than it was with Cadyn. 2 days post pardum is about where I was 2 weeks post pardum with Cadyn. I was scared about it, but it has gone great. Besides my husband not making it to the hospital, this has a been a dream delivery and post delivery. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

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