Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Home for the Holidays

Keeping up with this thing might be harder than I thought. I forgot I had it....oops. I'll try to be better, but writing is actually really difficult for me. Coming up with things to talk about is my biggest problem, plus, my life really isn't that interesting.

Last week was Thanksgiving. For some reason, I am super excited about the Holidays this year. Maybe it's because we live 4 hours away from our families and so it's just so exciting to go home to Oklahoma and spend time with those that we love. Maybe it's because I have so much to be thankful for this year. I have a new husband, a new home, and a new baby growing in my belly! Seriously, it makes me tear up just thinking of how thankful I truly am (that could also be the hormones).

Thanksgiving this year was amazing. We were really hoping that we wouldn't have to choose where to go for Thanksgiving. His family, always eats around noon, so I asked if we could do my family's Thanksgiving a little later this year. It worked out perfectly. It was so nice to go and just spend time with those we love. I ate way too much and pretty sure my doctor is going to be a little mad at me for putting on so much weight this month HA! Thanksgiving is a pregnant woman's dream.

Sunday, marked the 24 week mark. I can't believe I am over half-way there....just one more month until I am in my 3rd trimester. It's going by SO QUICKLY! 24 weeks means that Cadyn is about 9 inches long, crown to rump, so that's not including his legs! and he is about 1.7 lbs!! I can tell you feels like he weighs so much more than that. I feel so front heavy and he is KILLING my back. They say that if a woman delivers at 24 weeks there is a chance for survival, not that I WANT to deliver him now...he's not finished cooking, but I just find this a HUGE step in building this baby! He is quite the little active guy....I feel him all the time! He's constantly twisting and turning, kicking and punching, and I can even feel when he is stretching and sticking his booty out. He seems to be the most active at night and in the morning....which is actually kinda cool cause it's while I'm in bed and so Drew has been able to just lay his hand over my belly and feel the movement right along with me. His face lights up when he feels it too, he is constantly asking me questions about how it feels and such. He is really excited about being a daddy and I know that he is going to be SO much help. His work schedule is going to be great for me. He works only every other week and so 2 weeks out of every month he is home ALL day! Of course, he works VERY hard when he is at work, in one week he works over 87 hours, so his work weeks it's gonna be ALL me taking care of Cadyn, but I'm ok with that.

Yesterday, we went to Home Depot and picked out paint and other things to decorate his room with. I have got so many ideas for the nursery and I can't wait to start on it! We will probably start after Christmas. We really are in no hurry...he won't be here until late March, but I think it'll be really fun working on his room. I went ahead and started a registry at Target, I know it's early, but Drew and I FINALLY agreed on bedding and I didn't want to forget about it, so I just went ahead and started....just on the big stuff though. I'm so glad we don't have to go out and buy a crib...those things are expensive!! My parents bought my sister hers for my neice and so they offered to buy ours, but we are using Drew's from when he was a baby! It is still in great condition and it's actually REALLY think it's pretty cool that it was Drews! Now my parents can take that money and buy us other things for the nursery!

It's still kinda weird thinking that Christmas next year, I will have a 9 month old. I can't wait!!

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