Thursday, April 26, 2012

Slowly...but surely...

It's been a little over a month since I posted last. The newness of my lifestyle change has started to wear off and I've caught myself slipping back into my old ways. Easter was the downfall...candy and yummy food everywhere! I was really bad....I ate whatever I wanted and then some. My body let me know that it was NOT ok...because it made me sick....sorry for the TMI, but it kept me in the bathroom most of the day. I even missed Cadyn hunting Easter eggs because of it :( After that, I kinda got in a 2 week funk...I just didn't feel like sticking to my diet. I still made healthier choices than I would have a few months ago, but I was far from actually eating what I should have been....I gained 3 lbs.

This past Saturday I said "enough is enough"...I STILL have a lot more weight to lose and if I don't do it this time, I never will. So, now I'm back on my diet. I haven't really necessarily been counting calories, but more really just eating less and healthier....Literally after being on my diet for 1 whole day...I had gotten that extra 3 lbs off. I have been back on my diet for about 5 days (and some hours) now and I have dropped those 3 lbs + 2 more. A lb a day...I'll take it. Guess those 2 weeks my metabolism got a shock and I got it started again. For those people who say that it's not healthy to lose that much that off. I'm NOT doing anything unhealthy, I'm not starving myself, and I'm not on any fad/crash diet. When you are obese...cause let's be honest, that's what I am according to what my actual weight is...the weight comes off, naturally, a lot faster.

Monday, I received a text telling me how I was an inspiration for other people wanting to lose weight...that was awesome hearing and really helped me realize that...yes, I am doing this mainly for myself, but helping people along the way is a major PLUS. Several people have called, texted, commented or messaged me on facebook telling me that they are those people, I want to say thank you, because you saying that has actually helped inspire me to keep going.

I know that I haven't actually posted what my weight is/was....and I probably won't until I get down to a weight where it's not so embarrassing, but I AM going to post a picture of me then and hopes that it might actually motivate me a little bit more...I took the first picture purely for I could look back at it and remember what I USE to be, I never actually thought that I would post it on the internet for all of the world to see ( makeup & hair is a mess), but maybe it'll help someone else so I guess I'll suck up my pride and post it. The second one was from Easter and I obviously had no idea I was going to be using it as a comparison photo, but it was really the only side view picture that I have from it is...

Crazy, right? I have lost another 2 lbs so I am at a total loss of 28lbs as of this morning. Yay! Go me. I have 12 more lbs to go until my next goal. Gotta just keep myself motivated.


  1. Great job Molly!!! Keep it up, and seriously-ignore anyone but a doctor when it comes to your weight loss! At our size, it is completely normal to lose a pound a day, and there is no weightloss regime that fits everyone! If you watch MTV 'I used to be fat' they lose 1-2lbs a day with diet and exercise.. like 6 hours or exercise. Before I got pregnant, I lost about 1lb a day dieting and exercising about 2.5 hours a day, and I felt amazing! Do what you respond to the best, and soak up all those compliments!!

  2. Super impressive Molly! I know how hard it is just to try and decent and be somewhat active with a busy's nearly impossible. I can't IMAGINE with two little ones how hard it would be. You look great in the Easter picture...what amazing motivation to keep going!

  3. You have gotten me started doing this too!! You ARE an inspiration. Keep it up darling.

  4. You're looking good! Awesome job.